Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just show up to your bachelorette party and it be a complete surprise? Not just for you but for everyone attending too? Wedding planner Claudine M. Winston, M.B.A. of the Winston Wedding Group – The Weddings Genie, can make all your dreams come true. Lately, she’s been working with a ton of brides on blind bashes, where you literally let your planner do everything and simply show up to the airport or other transportation and go with it, girl. Sounds pretty badass, right? But things could definitely go very, very wrong. Here’s how to ensure your blind bachelorette party goes off without a hitch and meets all your expectations and then some too.

1. Set a budget

This is always the number one tip: Have a clearly defined bachelorette budget and stick to it, advises Winston. Definitely consult all your girls first and make sure everyone is comfortable with the set amount per person before committing to anything.

2. Define your party’s theme

Be crystal clear with what you’re looking to accomplish in the experience, whether that’s adventure, nightlife, luxury spas, etc., says Winston. And, of course, clearly communicate that vision to your planner so she can help execute the blind bachelorette party of your dreams.

3. Remember: Timing is everything

As Winston points out, group travel is a whole lot trickier than going solo, which is why it’s important to plan early, particularly if you (and the rest of your gals) need a payment plan. According to her, the optimal timeframe is mid-May to mid-June. “Avoid holidays and spring break as the cost may significantly limit your options. The middle of the week is best, if at all possible with everyone’s work schedules.”

4. Get rid of “the deal” mindset

Step away from Expedia and Groupon and just trust your planner with your budget! “For this experience, a professional will help you maximize your dollars while also planning an exceptional bachelor/bachelorette fete,” assures Winston. After all, isn’t the point of this whole thing to minimize stress and amp up the surprise factor?

5. Find someone in the know

Pick the right planner or travel agent and use a specialist who is extremely familiar with and knows the markets, recommends Winston. “Being able to trust someone with a blind trip requires adept knowledge and ability to bring forth unique experiences that give the biggest bang for your dollar.” And with the right person by your side, you and the rest of your group are in good hands.


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